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How To Avoid Car Damage During Towing

Have you ever had your car towed? What was your experience? Some people would say that it was a nightmare because their car was damaged during the tow. Others on the other hand would say that their experience was okay.

Nevertheless, it is best to know what things you could do to prevent your car from getting damaged during the tow. With over a decade of experience in the towing and transportation field our Charlotte NC-based service has learned some tried-and-true tips from a customer’s perspective to reduce the likelihood of vehicle damage during transport.

Carefully Select The Towing Company To Work With

In order to avoid damage due to mishandling your car, you have to carefully select the towing company to work with. Take a look at what other previous customers are saying about them. Check their reputation and make sure that they are experienced professionals. Also, take a look at the equipment and tools that they use.

Make Sure The Emergency Brake Is Released

When you are going to get your car towed in the traditional way, wherein a wheel lift tow truck is to be used, you must not forget to release the emergency brake. If it isn’t, then you’ll definitely have a problem because the other two wheels will be rolling on the road with the brakes on.

When a flatbed tow truck is used, you could have the emergency brakes on. However, you must make sure that it is released when the car is being loaded on the truck. You can just put it back when it is already loaded on the flatbed.

Transmission Should Be In Neutral

It is best to put the car in a neutral position for those who will have the automatic car towed with a wheel lift tow truck. It should be fine when it is going to be towed for a short distance only. As the distance increases, the chances of damaging your vehicle also increase. This is because the neutral position doesn’t disengage the car’s transmission from the tires. The transmission could overheat and get significantly damaged when towed for long distances.

Roll Up The Windows

Another thing you should do is roll up your windows. If it is rolled down during the tow, dust and debris can fly into your car. This may damage your upholstery. Apart from rolling up the windows, you should also make sure that the doors are locked.

Take Pictures Before Getting It Towed

The pictures you take will help you in case your car gets damaged during the tow. It can serve as evidence that the towing procedure caused the damage to your car. Taking the photos also makes the professional tow truck drivers more careful because they know that you have evidence of the car’s original condition.

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