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Do These Things While The Tow Truck Is On Their Way

So you’ve determined that there is nothing else you can do to your car in this state. You are stuck somewhere and have already called for a tow truck for help. They are already on their way. In the meanwhile, what do you do? Instead of sitting there playing games on your phone to pass the time, here’s what you should do.

Properly ID The Towing Company

Before you hang up, make sure to ask the name of the tow truck driver who’s going to be assigned to you. Ask for the plate number of the tow truck too so that you can easily identify them once they get there. This will help you avoid being scammed by other towing companies to get their service when you didn’t really ask for them.

Switch The Hazard Lights On

Don’t just wait inside the car for the tow truck to come to your aid. It is best to keep yourself as visible as possible. You want the tow trucks to easily see you when they get to the area. Similarly, you also want the other people to see you clearly so that they don’t accidentally crash into you.

The hazard lights provide a great way of being seen especially at night time. The button for this light is usually at the dashboard area so you can easily see and use it.

Move To Safety

Are you able to safely drive your car? If you can, make sure to move it towards the shoulder or side of the road that’s away from the traffic. This makes it much easier for tow trucks to get into position to tow your vehicle. Furthermore, it also helps keep you away from traffic that could lead to another accident.

Use Your Emergency Triangle Or Flare

Do you have the emergency triangle, flares, or led lights that can make you more visible on the road? If you do, then go ahead and use them. This helps call the attention of other people on the road. With that, they can easily see you and avoid coming your way.

Keep Your Belongings Together

Before the tow truck arrives, you should make sure to place all your belongings in one place so that you can easily take them with you when the tow truck arrives. This helps speed up the process because you won’t have to take time to prepare them while the tow truck driver waits for you. Additionally, doing it now helps you not to rush so you don’t forget anything that you want to take with you.

Go To Where It Is Safe

It is much safer to stay inside your car with your seatbelts on if you are going to wait for the tow truck on the side of the road. Alternatively, you may also choose to wait at a nearby restaurant if you are parked near them. Either way, you should select to stay at a place where it is much safer for you. When walking on the road, be mindful of other cars, make sure you are clearly visible, and always look both ways.

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