Rusted Car Frame in Wrecker Yard
Rusted Car Frame in Wrecker Yard

Wrecker Service – Covert Your Wreck To Real Money

Like you and I, cars have a lifespan.  Hopefully, after a long, fruitful life transporting you, your family, to and fro they wear out.

That’s where our Charlotte-based wrecker service comes in.

With over 10 years of transportation experience in North Carolina, Sunny Day Towing & Auto Transportation has been transporting and wrecking vehicles with an eye toward excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

Our trusted team of dispatchers and tow truck technicians can walk you through the process of scrapping (aka wrecking) your car or truck so that you get the best price for the wreck.

So whether it’s a totaled vehicle, or maybe you’ve got to get your project car that never panned out off your lot to save your marriage, call Sunny Day Towing Company Charlotte NC.

Visit us online or call us directly at (704) 504-7449 and one of our knowledgeable towing service professionals can schedule a pickup or answer any questions you have.

Our convenient Wrecker Service offers…

  • Finding you the absolute best price on your wrecked car or truck.
  • Affordable rates and flexible times available within the Charlotte NC city limits
  • Network of nearby area junkyards to choose from
  • Our highly reviewed experienced team at Sunny Day Towing Company can walk you through your options
  • Wrecking service for all car, truck, motorcycle or other
  • Our friendly towing dispatcher area available 7 days a week, including holidays